About Malorie

Hi there! My name is Malorie Davis. I currently live in Southern California with my Husband and my Daughter. I spend my days keeping the home, cooking the meals, working with clients online, working out, and learning how to be a Mom. Also, a lot of days include wine. I am a classically trained chef, certified holistic nutrition counselor, and I have a passion for natural homemaking.

I traveled the country working in kitchens for many years. For a while, I ended up living in a rural mountain town where I learned to hunt, gather, support thy neighbor, and farm. My head and my heart tends to look backwards, as I have a deep love for history, old recipes, and old fashioned ways. For many years, I suffered through my own battle with bad health and personally overcame it with nutrition as my armor. All of these things came together to mold my nutrition beliefs and way of life. From there, I created the True American Diet.

This blog is my outlet for my favorite healthy recipes and nutrition tips. If you or someone you know might be interested in my online nutrition counseling services and the True American Diet, email me for more information at mandmwellnessca@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Malorie,

    Just found your blog via Grit. Your photography is lovely.

    Emily Grace